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My name is Danilo De Marco and I’m a Graphic designer, Type designer and UI/UX designer. I graduated in Graphic Design from Academy of Fine Arts of Catania. I collaborated with some graphic studios and advertising agency as Studio Latino, Meedori, Octoplus Group. I'm co-founder and Creative Director of Studio K95.

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MAT - First Modern and Contemporary Art Auction

Visual Identity / 2018

For its first Modern and Contemporary Art Auction, the Milanese auction house Mediartrade asked us to realize the identity of the event and its advertising. The graphic concept is based on a logotype composed in sans-serif, grotesk, it helped give the project a modern and contemporary look. Each word has been tilted to make the lettering more dynamic...

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di Catania

Branding, Signage / 2014

The first step was to design a new logo. I started a historical research of the logos of Italian and international subways. The Italian subways are identified with an "M", usually represented in white on red background. I designed a stylized M that reminds the rails, but also the front of locomotives that are tilted...

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Compagnia teatrale
Nino Martoglio

Visual Identity / 2017

The Nino Martoglio's theatrical company is a troupe of catanesi actors which plays both dramatic and comic performance. For the 2017/2018 season, we have been chosen to realize the company's and new season's visual new identity...

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