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My name is Danilo De Marco and I work between Italy and Switzerland. I’m a Graphic designer, Type designer and UI designer. I graduated in Technology Arts and specialized in Graphic Design from Academy of Fine Arts of Catania. I love the typography, books and digital tecnology. I collaborated with some graphic studios and advertising agency as Studio Latino, Meedori, Octoplus Group.

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Dynamism in static

Poster / 2016

Postert for a graphic exibition
Through a typesetting, I represented a dynamic simulation in a static printed posters. The text is composed from top to bottom and then break down again, creating an optical effect.

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di Catania

Branding, Signage / 2014

The first step was to design a new logo. I started a historical research of the logos of Italian and international subways. The Italian subways are identified with an "M", usually represented in white on red background. I designed a stylized M that reminds the rails, but also the front of locomotives that are tilted...

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4 my friends

Printed / 2016

For business reasons I moved to Como to work in Lugano, Switzerland. To greet my friends I decided to design some postacards.

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