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The life
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I love design and somehow it has always been part of my life.

I started my career as a web developer. During my university studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Catania I met Gianni Latino, teacher and director of the school of Graphics, friend and mentor. Gianni has been able to convey to me his love for design and graphics. I have very good memories of the years spent in Accademy, it was a time of growth and experimentation.

During that time I started studying typography with my friend and colleague Daniel Amoroso and designed posters for some academic exhibitions. These were my first graphic projects.

Danilo De Marco - Centenario di Albe Steiner - 2013
Danilo De Marco - Mostra Catania - 2014


After completing my studies, I joined the Meedori communication studio. Meedori was born in 2013 from the ambition of Peppe Sirchia and Gianni Famà. If Gianni Latino taught me the importance of functionality in graphics, Gianni Famà teaches me the importance of good aesthetics.

With Meedori I grew most of my graphic and typographic skills. I worked for two years alongside extraordinary pros. Still have great affection for Meedori today.

Danilo De Marco and Meedori - A New Green Scenario - 2015


After two years at Meedori, I needed to gain experience outside Sicily. I worked as a designer for a year in Lugano, Switzerland.

Professionally it was not a happy time, I understood how fundamental it is for a designer to work in a place that stimulates you, with employers who respect what you do.

Despite the unhappy period, it was important for me to live in Switzerland. It gave me the opportunity to make friends with other professionals (developers, copywriters and graphic designers) with whom I always stay in touch.

Aganè Typeface
Lugano - Switzerland

K95 Family

Deeply disappointed by my experience in Switzerland, I needed to create something in which I could express myself in the best possible way.

I contacted two of my friends in Catania, Marco Giannì and Dario Leonardi, the latter owner of a historical printing house, Arti Grafiche Leonardi, for which I had taken care of the visual identity a few years earlier. Together we decided to open the K95 graphic studio, creating a dissolvable bond with Dario’s typography.

From the beginning the idea was to bring a graphic style that could compete internationally, staying within a difficult territory like Sicily.

K95 is more than a graphic studio, it is a philosophy, a way of thinking about design, K95 is a family.

Studio K95 - Studio grafico e di comunicazione di Catania



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