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Adaptive design Adaptive design Adaptive design


Adaptive is a collective of creative minds from various disciplines, founded in 2023 by Danilo De Marco. Our mission is to lead the design exploration, providing a space where creativity can flourish without restrictions or impositions. In this environment, every individual is free to express themselves, supported by the solidarity and assistance of other creative talents.

Adaptive originated as a liberation after a period of intellectual and design confinement experienced by its founder. It represents an evolution of the philosophy established by the K95 studio, embodying a more powerful and immediate synthesis.

Adaptive design Adaptive design Adaptive design
Adaptive creative Collective Adaptive creative Collective

Philo sophy

1. Explosion

An explosion Of creativity, a struggle against the ugly and boring. The cure to arrive at stubborn beauty. We go beyond mere functionality, using beauty as a tool to be able to enhance the human experience and enrich the functionality of what we design.

2. Language

A language against styles, fashions and that graphic design becomes art for its own sake. Adaptive is a mix of visual languages, born from the blending of each member's vision, perception and imagination. It is one varied language, aiming to leave a timeless mark.

Adaptive is wild
Adaptive is wild


3. Discovery

We are astronauts discovering a space of ideas, solutions that can solve problems, without giving up the purely aesthetics. We therefore seek to enrich our language and discover new planets of opportunity.

4. Fight

Against the “smoke sellers”, because we love to be concrete while feeding on our imaginations. We are against all that branding world that has impoverished design. Concrete in ideas, in words and in everything we create.

F**K fuff design

5. Meritocracy

A collective open to all those who strongly believe in creativity. Graphic Designers, Illustrators, Motion Designers, 3D Artists, Copywriters, Creative Developers. We carefully select who to welcome into this group so that everyone can feel an active part of this project.

6. Freedom

Express your ideas, to design and share, to be solo or in a group, to represent Adapative as you see fit in the world and free to be a group of designers without any interference from non-creatives. We are outside the sick logic of sales and marketing.