July 01

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July01 is a font with a vintage style, but at the same time it looks extremely modern. The strong constrat between vertical and horizontal rods makes it fit into the Bodonian family. Although many of its letters have a more condensed style, others are a bit wider, all for greater contrast. Many of the letters that make up the font have a distinctive design that gives the font character, making it distinguishable from othermsimilar fonts.

4 Weights

July 01 designed for Studio K95
Size 86 px

The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.

Herbert typeface designed by Danilo De Marco


4 Styles – Display Serif / Didone

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dicover font Herbertdicover font Herbert
July 01 typeface designed by Danilo De Marco

Stelvio Grotesk

12 Weights – Sans Serif Grotesk

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